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Why Choose

On Demand Propane

  • Propane Monitoring Special, Free Propane Monitoring and Automatic Delivery, We will also deliver at our lowest price of the day! 

  • If you Own your propane tank(s) you can save money, remember you are not locked in to your current propane provider. You can switch at any time. We are on average .40-.60 Cents per gallon less then our competitors!

No Hidden Fees at all, No Delivery Fees, No Hazardous Material FEE, No fuel surcharge None !!! You pay for the gallons of propane you order or we deliver at the price that is published on this website.

  • Why Pay More? We add a smaller profit margin to the cost of our propane purchase price. We operate more efficiently and you save money. 

  • Simple Ordering! Order online or by phone. 

  • No Membership Fee Save $99.00 that others charge

  • Whole House Usage, If your home uses more than 500 gallons per year, the savings add up to $200.00 or more. We are typically .40-.60 Cents per gallon less then our competitors!

Benefits of On Demand Propane 

Propane Monitoring Special, Free Propane Monitoring and automatic delivery, Always Receive our lowest price!

  • Propane available for immediate delivery (within 24 hours)

  • $.02 Cents Per Gallon discount for Cash

  • No contract required or Propane Membership Clubs to Join

  • Your in control of when the propane truck shows up, No unexpected top off's at higher prices!

  • Emergency Fill Ups: When the power is out, your existing company can't get there in time or you don't know who to call? We Are Here.

  • Upfront Pricing: Our prices are posted on our site each day.

  • Smell Gas? Need a Service Call? We are licensed and on call for you 24/7. 

  • We Have (4) Tiers of Propane Pricing depending on the size of your propane order 

  • Last but not least we are more cost effective than the rest!                                                       

"Buy Now and Buy Rite"

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