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Delivery Areas

To check if we deliver in your area, please refer to the table below. You can search by town or zip code using the search bar in the top right corner of the chart. 

"Buy Now & Buy-Rite"

Am I eligible for delivery?

  • If you're leasing or renting a tank from your current propane provider, we are not authorized to fill that tank.

  • If you are out of propane and you own your tank, we will not be able to fill your tank. You must have a leak/pressure test performed before you can get filled up. (There is a $95 fee for a Leak & Safety Check

  • If you own your own tank and it has gas in it, you can order a fill and we will deliver. We will perform a visual safety inspection before filling. The visual safety inspection is complimentary. 

  • Do you want to save money? Order your propane online and budget your spending on your energy costs.

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